HDMI DVD to DVI question



I have an 52'' RCA rear projection HDTV. I have Digital HD Cable hooked up through a DVI connection. I was recently looking into buying an HDMI upconversion DVD player but I'm not sure if I can hook it up with the cable connection as is. I don't believe there is an HDMI jack in the back of my TV, and was told that if that is the case, to buy an HDMI-DVI wire to hook up the DVD player. With the cable connection already hooked up on DVI, is it possible to Split DVI connection...having both hooked up and only using one at a time. I'd have to switch the Audio wires every time i wanted to watch a dvd, but i wouldnt mind. My other option would be to switch the DVI and Audio wires every time I'd watch a DVD...Is splitting the DVI possible, and do you think it's worth it. I was told a cable connection with DVI is much more important than an upconversion DVD player...If I HAD to choose.

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