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Apr 13, 2007
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Hi. Excuse my ignorance but I’m about to upgrade some of my equipment (VCR ! , Pioneer DVD player and conventional TV). I have a Pioneer VCX-C301 A/V receiver (everything is connected via Scart at the moment) and am considering buying a Sony RDR-HXD860 HDD DVD recorder and a Samsung LE32N73BDX TV. These two will obviously be connected by an HDMI lead. Here are my questions
1 Does the upscaled output of the Sony upscale its built in Freeview signal as well as DVD
2 Can I watch upscaled TV, DVD etc but have 5.1 sound from the Pioneer
3 Can I watch the TV through its own tuner and have 5.1 sound from the Pioneer
4 Can I watch a Freeview channel on the TV (also has tuner) and record a different Freeview channel on the HDD recorder.
5 Presumably I can connect the VCR to record tape to HDD/DVD
6 Is it OK to have Scart and HDMI connections to TV and DVD/HDD at the same time
Any comments on the equipment?

We all have to start somewhere.

1: Upscale through DVD only I think.
2: Yes, upscaled DVD and sound through Pioneer. I don't think TV is upscaled.
3: 2 channel to 5.1 as Dolby Pro Logic/II/IIx. Dolby Digital if broadcast as 5.1 and you have the equipment to decode it.
4: Yes
5: ?
6: Yes, pressing source button on remote control of TV decides where you get the signal from, scart extension 1 or 2 or HDMI.

I'm sure you will be put right if any of this is wrong. :)

I have the same recorder with a Samsung LE40R51B and Sony STR-DA1200ES.
Thanks for that. The goods should be here tomorrow! Now, what is the optimum way to connect all the equipment together to do what I want? The A/V receiver does not have HDMI but has COAX and 2 optical audio inputs, 4 scart (Video in/out, DVR/TV in/out, DVD in and STB in).

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