HDMI doesn’t switch screen on when computer is awake from sleep



I have a setup of Mac mini connected over HDMI to Sony Bravia A1 TV via the HDMI1 port.

Everything works except one feature - If the Mac goes to sleep and I awake it before I switch to HDMI1 or switch on the TV the awake signal doesn’t seem to affect the TV and I get a blank screen. Switch to any other port and bank to HDMI1 and I can see the computer screen. If I awake the computer before I switch on the TV or switch to the HDMI1 port it works as expected.

I’m on the latest MacOS and AndroidOS on both the Mac and the TV. I also connected the same Mac mini to a different TV over the same hdmi cable and I don’t have that problem so to me it means a Sony TV issue.

I also tried switching the Bravia sync settings off / on and tested with both, same issue.

One thing I haven’t tried yet is to reset the TV back to its factory settings but I would rather not do that if there’s a known solution to this problem.

Any thoughts ?


Mac doesn’t without a dongle but I don’t think I need CEC for that to work ? If I manually wake the computer up and it sends a singal to the hdmi port then the TV should refresh the screen. Again same scenario works with the same computer and a different screen so must be Sony

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