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I'm rewiring my home (perhaps should have said rewired!), and I'm no rather belatedly trying to work out how I can distribute my SKY+HD signal to the other 3 TVs in the house.

To the main TV and Sky box I have 2xCOAX cable and 4xCAT6 cable.
The other TVs have 1xCOAX and 2xCAT6.

I'm not too fussed about distributing anything other than the SKY+ box, and I'm happy to use SKY+ on Android devices as remote controls from the 3 other locations, if need be, although using genuine SKY+ HD remotes would be a bonus.

I would like internet available at all 4 locations - internet comes from the router which is located in a cupboard, the same cupboard where all the above forementioned cables also terminate.

I'm looking for the most cost effective solution as I will not be a heavy user. We're most likely talking about continuing to watch a film up in the bedroom, or playing the same TV in the kitchen as in the lounge (open plan) so it can be viewed whilst cooking.

Its not too late to run more cables between the patch panel and 2 of the remote TV locations, but unfortunately its too late for the main TV plus 1 other.

Any viable suggestions appreciated.


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I forgot to mention, I would also like to be able to use the FreeSat receivers in each TV. I'm guessing this is simply a case of using a multiswitch on the COAX cable from the satellite and completely separate to the HDMI distribution ... e.g. EMP-Centauri 5 input

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