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HDMI Converter Issues

Steve Hall

Novice Member
I have a Panasonic TH 37PA20 TV which only has analogue inputs, ie SCART and VGA. I recently bought a Panasonic DMR HW120, which only has an HDMI output. I originally bought an HDMI to SCART converter which worked for a while but sometimes needed a bit of encouragement like a power down/up reset to make it work. Now it does not work at all despite trying several power supplies. Moving on, I bought an HDMI to VGA box which works with my laptop but not the HDD recorder. The HDD works fine with an HDMI connection to a compatible TV but not the old plasma via either converter. I have also bought another HDMI/VGA converter which is exactly the same. It works with the laptop but not the HDD recorder. Has anybody got any ideas?


In memoriam

Steve Hall

Novice Member
Yes I have component video input on the TV and have just bought the box you suggested. Many thanks for the prompt reply. I'll post when I have the new box.


Distinguished Member
If the Panasonic has HDCP enabled, the VGA box will not work. You may find that the HDMI - Scart box was working as the signal was output as standard definition, which does not require HDCP protection. VGA is considered Hi Definition, so will require HDCP. See if you can set the Panasonic HDMI output to 576i and see if the Scart box starts to work again.

The HDMI - VGA boxes are designed for use with new computers and legacy screens, not video equipment.


Would it not be better to consider investing in a new TV, with all the associated advantages that brings rather than repeatedly investing in converters which at best will give you significantly inferior results?

Steve Hall

Novice Member
Thanks for all the thoughts and replies guys. The problem is now solved with the HDMI/Component box and (critically) a new HDMI lead. The old one worked between the HDD recorder and a TV but not between the recorder and the converter box. I don't want to buy a new TV Gavtech because there is nothing wrong with the old one and do not believe in change for its own sake. My car is over ten years old for the same reason!!

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