HDMI control works, ARC doesn't. Where to start?


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Newbie to the forum with another ARC question. I've done plenty searching both here and the wider web, but haven't found anything related so far.

Kit: Sony KDL-40EX503 and Sony HT-AS5, connected by a single HDMI cable. Both ends are plugged into the connector marked "ARC". Both sets of instructions claim ARC is supported.

The HDMI control functionality works great. Doing the HDMI control initialisation from the TV setup screen causes the home theatre device to be found and "COMPLETE" to be shown on the display. Turning the TV off also turns off the HT system. Changing volume on the TV causes the volume display to change on the HT. Change the scene mode (cinema, game, sports, ...) on the TV causes the audio style to change on the HT. Switching the HT on and off directs the TV to use the correct speaker system (TV or external).

I believe that means everything is working in terms of HDMI control and shows everything is sync'd up correctly.

If I choose ARC = ON on the HT system, then I get no audio from the speakers. Choosing ARC = OFF and connecting a RCA cable from TV to the HT gives me audio as expected.

I can't find anything in the TV settings to enable or disable the ARC component, other than the obvious HDMI control, which has been proven working correctly as shown above.

How do I figure out which end is incorrect? I don't have any other kit lying around which can be used to swap in for either the HT system as a "ARC receiver", or the TV as an "ARC sender", if you know what I mean.



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Have you got another HDMI cable to try? I would try a different cable. I can't seem to download any Sony manuals to my mac at the minute, so can't check for any setting. Have you contacted Sony?


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Thanks. Contacted Sony and they've just got back to me about a minute before you with the same advice.

The Sony TV manual is pretty sparse on details about setting up ARC (it's one of those i-manual things) and the HT manual just says "configure it via your TV".

I'll get hold of another HDMI cable and give it another try.


ARC is a rather poorly implemented feature from all the times I have tried it, I have had varied success. Use an optical cable it will simply work and cause many less headaches!


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Managed to raid the Best Buy closing down sale last night and grabbed a new HDMI cable. All works beautifully now.

Thanks for the advice.

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