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Hi all,

Great forum; hope someone can help me to configure my HDMI for the following setup.

TV Philips 4k 50PUS6272/05 - 3no. HDMI ports
BT YouView+ UHD Box
Andriod TV box
Nintendo Switch
PS5 or Xbox Series X (undecided yet!!)
Sony HT-XF9000 soundbar

Could someone suggest the correct HDMI set up.

The Philips manual states the following:
For best signal quality transfer, use a High speed HDMI cable and do not use an HDMI cable longer than 5 m, and also connect devices supporting HDR on HDMI 2 or HDMI 3.
Only HDMI 1 on the TV have HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel). If the device, typically a Home Theatre System (HTS), also has the HDMI ARC connection, connect it to HDMI 1 connection on this TV. With the HDMI ARC connection, you do not need to connect the extra audio cable that sends the sound of the TV picture to the HTS. The HDMI ARC connection combines both signals.

The Soundbar states the following:
Connecting a 4K TV and 4K Devices All HDMI jacks on the system support 4K video format and HDCP2.2 (Highbandwidth Digital Content Protection System Revision 2.2). To watch 4K video content, connect the 4K TV and 4K devices to the system via an HDCP2.2-compatible HDMI jack on each device. You can only view 4K video content through the HDCP2.2-compatible HDMI jack connection.

So, what is the best setup?
If i read this correctly-
TV HDMI 1 (ARC) to soundbar TV HDMI - Soundbar HDMI out to BT UHD Box (should these both be high speed or 4K HDMI leads)
Andriod box to TV HDMI 2
Nintendo switch & PS5/XBOX to HDMI switch - HDMI switch to TV HDMI 3

With this setup done my problem is that the UHD parameter on the TV settings is greyed out; this is only active on HDMI's 2 & 3. Am i losing my 4K tv signal from my BT box because it goes into HDMI 1?

I am quite willing to take everything out and start again, any advice would be really appreciated.



Joe Fernand

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Connect the TV ARC HDMI socket (HDMI 1) to the Soundbar ARC HDMI socket - if you are using a short cable pretty much any cable you have lying around will be fine, if you are purchasing new look for a Premium High Speed or High Speed certified cable.

You can then connect your Source devices to the 'spare' Inputs on the TV or Soundbar.

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