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Hdmi cat5e another question...


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Sorry first post, have used this site for ages but am kind of stuck....

Had sky+ with RF2 sent to loft and then via house (3 more tvs)

Now have SkyHD. Have put 2 cat5 cable from box to loft and to each room (only want 2 more on HD). My question.....

If I send cat5 to loft can I split it 2 ways and just put balam recievers on the end of the lines (As I did with Sky+ using coax)? I get the feeling the answer is no, but why not?

Sorry a stupid question I know.


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Hi there Mattee,
Generally installers would route the cabling directly from where the source equipment is. However assuming you have power available in the loft and assuming you use good quality compatable products e.g. gefen, intelix, vision HD etc. theres no reason that you cant use point to point baluns to the loft route into a two way splitter and then send the signal via baluns to the TVs. Ideally you would split the signal at the source however. Hope this helps. Regards Shorty. :thumbsup:


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Thank you very much, I will do that.

Another silly question (I think the answer is no), but could I join the CAT5 cables in the loft and only then use the reciever???

Joe Fernand

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HDMI over CAT5 distribution wont work in the way you describe.

The way you describe your installed cables you would need the following:

SKY HD > 1x2 HDMI DA (I'm assuming there is an HDTV adjacent to the SKY box).

1x2 HDMI DA - Output B > HDMItoCAT5 Tx > dual CAT5 > HDMItoCAT5Rx

In the loft you would then require another 1x2 HDMI DA plus another HDMItoCAT5 Tx for each Output of the DA down over dual CAT5 to an Rx in each room.

Unless you can rejig things your going to have to go with the more expensive HDMIoverIP option or consider SMART-e - again more money than HDMI over CAT5.

It may be more economical to move the SKY box into the loft and use a 4x4HDMI over CAT5 Matrix in the loft with Rx units at each TV.



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Hi Mattee,
Ive never been even remotely tempted to join cabling in hdmi distribution systems so I couldnt comprehensively say, but I doubt it. Different baluns have different capabilities regarding resolution over distance etc. and cat6 cable seems to make improvements over cat5. So I would suggest joining the cable would not offer the desired outcome. My advice would be to keep things as simple as possible and if you can wire 2 runs of cat6 from the hd box location to each of the rooms that you require. Regards Shorty.

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