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hdmi cat5 extender problem please help


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hi there,

ive recently installed my freesat+ hd in a cubboard under the stairs, i have used a cyp hd over cat6 extender to reach tv and all has worked fine, problem being when installing my bluray aside the system is unable to produce a 1080p picture, im aware of the addional bandwith required and i am a little disappointed with myself as the cable under floor is only cat5e( since then the carpets been laid) paired with the fact the extender is only for 1080p transmisions up to 15m over cat6, tv is approx 15m away bluray works fine when using 1080i but im afraid this will not be good enough for me haha

So thats my set up and heres where you superstar installers come in

if i was to install a hdmi repeater amplifier at tv position as you would do with a long hdmi lead run would this be enough to rectify the problem? my thinking is yes as the problem is with attenuation over the cat5e cable

any help with this would be muchly appriciated and i welcome any responses



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An amp at the tv end will not help as all it will be doing is amplifying the crap coming over the cat5e.

Your best bet would be to try a direct connection, not via any matrix, switch etc to see if that works.

The I would consider trying a HDBaseT link, not cheap but it is a benchmarked standard so the results should be repeatable. Which is not the case with any of the other systems.

For me as an installer, it is they only one I will use.




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I'm always curious with this type of thing as I see it come up often.
So ...
Why not use a decent hdmi cable to cover 15m or two not so decent cables with an amp in the middle? Surely it is much cheaper than a cat6 extender, which is probably ok for going to the shed at the end of the garden but isn't it overkill for something where a normal cable will work?

or have I missed something?

edit - just noticed that 30m extenders are about £20 - so maybe the reason is that you only have cat6 all over the house.
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I'll second what Vex has said, HDBaseT seems to be the reliable (if expensive) way to go for HDMI over Cat5/Cat6 cable. Having used a few sets where all other baluns have failed I have been impressed with them to date.


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ouch that is expensive, however the extension i used was considerably more than £20
had a brief look at the hdbaset link bit intrigued as to how it works over a single cat6
so 1 pair would carry 1 source of information
RGB would equal 3 pairs + the supply voltage and hot plug detect and the tdms clock channel this is already 5 -6 pair required ( forgive me im an aerial satellite engineer and still fairly new to twisted pair cabling just trying to understand as well as get it to work) also ir commands and so on

im thinking about moving the extension closer to the tv just to make sure it can handle 1080p otherewise im thinking about pulling the floorboards up in the hallway and replacing the cat5e with cat6 stp using the commando style to crawl under( not looking forward to this)

i thank and welcome and further responses

otherwise i might have to bite the bullet and go for the hdbaset link how do you installers feel about vision hd?

all the best


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HDBaseT is not sending individual signals down pairs in the cable like the older baluns do, rather they digitise the information and send it across all of the pairs to get the required bandwidth. Otherwise they would not be able to send full bandwidth video, audio, two-way IR, ARC and full 10/100Mb ethernet down a single 4-pair cable. That explains one of the reasons for the much higher cost compared to conventional baluns. When you consider what it delivers it is quite an amazing technology!

VisionHD is made by Grandbeing who also re-badge kit for other suppliers as well. It is well respected within the industry alongside other brands such as Octava, Gefen etc.

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