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We need to install a camera at the ceiling level in a cooking classroom so we can create videos of the food prepared on a table. The camera will be linked to a computer through hdmi using elgato camlink. We do not need very high quality video but we do need the camera to be able to zoom. Most webcams are way to wide angle. Most consumer camcorders are not controlled with a remote but with a mobile phone app.

We would need a camera that can zoom on the table, ideally control the zoom level with the remote. We also need to power on the camera without toutching it. So ideally with a remote or a wire solution since ceiling is too high. Our budget is around 1000$ - 1500$.

I am thinking about the sony ax-53, but I do not see how to power it on remotly... Do you have any suggestions or ideas?? Thank you!!


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You may need to look at CCTV or webcam cameras. Most camcorders have an on-board battery so will be controlled by a built in switch.
How about a pole support or frame over the work surface? Once the camera is switched on then remote control can be activated via a phone app.
Example:- Panasonic HC-V800 with a remote pan tilt cradle VW-CTR1. This will give you record start/stop, zoom control and pan and tilt all directly from the smartphone.


Thanks for your reply Terfyn!

I did not find webcams with great optical zoom. Controlling with mobile is not an option since many different people will need to operate... CCTV might be a great option... I will do some research.

Thanks again

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