Question HDMI cabling conundrum for 4K HDR at length

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    Hello everyone,

    firstly I'd like to apologise if I've started this thread in the wrong section. I couldn't see a cabling/accessories section so as I'll be using them in conjunction with a projector I settled for here.

    I've had an Optoma UHD40 projector set aside for me to collect on Monday, to upgrade from my existing Optoma HD151X as the 4K bug (ok, pretend 4K) is now all too irresistible.

    This is the worrying part, I've read today (a post from a couple of years back) that for 4K HDR content the HDMI cable needs to be v2.0 (18Gbps?) and that anything over 8m in length can be pretty much ruled out!? Now surely that can't still be true as not everyone has their AV components closely located to their projector, I would have thought that in most instances they're at opposite ends of the room??

    So, before I commit to the UHD40 I need to make sure I can get a good signal to it, or there's no point. Currently I have a v1.4 HDMI switching matrix that accepts a number of HDMI signals and sends them to one output, and splits audio via optical to my ageing pre-HDMI AV processor, and until now has been perfect for what I need. I've had a look on Amazon and there appear to be a few reasonably cheap options available to me for a new matrix.

    Each HDMI cable from its respective component to the matrix is about 1m long. The output cable from the matrix to the projector is 15m long as it goes through an external wall, up and into a loft space above the projector where it comes back down through the ceiling.

    The 15m cable is v2.0 as I replaced it earlier this year, it's an Amazon own cable but appears fine. I'm not sure on the 1m cables, probably v1.4 though which I can replace, and like I mentioned I'm going to have to replace my matrix.

    So.... is what I'm planning on doing likely to work with regards to a non-degraded 4K HDR signal reaching the projector or have I got no chance whatsoever please? I'd be really interested if anyone's experienced a similar issue and has managed to overcome it. I have seen these fibre optic cables by the way which sound very good but they're well out of my budget.

    Really appreciate any advice you can offer.



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