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I have just ordered my LE40M87 from Empire direct, too good to miss considering its 10% off everything at the moment, even the £20 for the free warranty had £2 off. This makes the TV £825 with 3 yr warranty ;)

My question concerns cables, can anyone explain how a £60 QED HDMI cable can be 10 times better than a £4.99 one from Ebuyer. If its a digital signal, how can it suffer from any loss due to cable brand anyway ??


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you are paying for the material that makes up the cable. the £60 cable will be made from gold which transmit signals better as opposed to the cheaper ones are made with gold plating or aluminum or copper. this is one area where noone seems to agree on. i would say not to spend a load on cables but for example, i used the hdmi cable i got with telewest tv drive and noticed the picture had waves of grainy dots come through every 20 seconds or so. i thought it was something worng with my telly but i switched the hdmi with a qed £20 job from ebay and no problems, crystal clear. £10-15 is about the right price for spending for cables unless you are going long distances ie 10m then its time to spend more money as you need it to maintain the full signal all the way through and not suffer any loss.

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