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HDMI Cables Or HDMI switch box ?


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Hi everyone, i'm placing a 50" plasma tv on a purpose built chimney breast & will need to connect 3 av sources to it through the chimney. Should i connect all 3 via HDMI cables separately or use a HDMI switch box & run just 1 HDMI cable through the chimney ? Any help or ideas would be appreciated, cheers Bof.

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Hi there,

Where do the cables come out at low level? Are they well hidden?

Being a fireplace, is the construction such that allows safe passage of cables so they won't be exposed to heat?

Where do they come out? In a well hidden spot.

I only ask because if you can, run lots. 3 x HDMI, 2 x cat6, give yourself all the options.

Many Thanks!


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Hi, thanks for the reply.

The cables come out at the bottom of the chimney breast to the right & will be hidden behind an av unit.

The cables will be buried in the face of the chimney breast in conduit & then plastered over.

Is their any reason why i shouldn't use a HDMI switch box, are they no good ?

Thanks Bof.

Joe Fernand

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Direct or via a Switch can work equally as we'll as each other.

Conduit is a good idea as long as it is of a gauge to allow you to pull an HDMI cable though with connectors on.

Where you bury HDMI cables it is always good to remember that HDMI cables are relatively fragile (heads can become detached) so always have multiple cables and or a plan to easily replace a damaged cable.

Do you have a requirement to get the TV audio out to an AVR or Internet access to the TV?



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Thanks for the reply Joe, i'll keep your advice in mind.

As to the audio & internet, i have connected all my AV equipment to my yamaha amp & don't need internet on the tv.

Hope it all turns out well in the end.

Cheers Bof.

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