HDMI Cables Needed quickly


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I ordered 2 hdmi cables and it seems the supplier is set to let me down on delivery. I want them for tommorow since all my new kit arrives then and i'll be very disapointed if i dont get to play with it all :(

can anyone recomend a good company to source some next day hdmis? i dont want to pay much more then 7-8 quid per cable. 1m length is fine.



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i do, that would be ideal. even if i can't cancel my order i could always ebay the ones i've ordered

thanks, i'll lidl it tonight


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:) Hello all, just back from Lidl and it looks like they no longer have them. It seems they do a run on different things at good prices, and a couple of weeks later move onto something else. :nono:

p.s. this is after racking my brain trying to think where the nearest Lidll is and jumping on the bus to the new one that opened in stockport, only to get there to see it is in fact an Aldi. Then remembering that the Lidll is no more than a five minute walk from where I live. Good luck! :lesson: I must remember to put my thinking head on in the morning. :clap:


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still worth a look i guess since its only up the road. i dont want to pay comet prices for one

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