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Please use this thread to consolidate links to factual articles about HDMI cables, objective testing of HDMI cables etc.

Please do not debate the topic in this thread, just post the links.

It doesn't matter if the tests show that there are or are not differences between cables, both are welcome, the important point is that the tests are not based on subjective opinions.

[Important note added by admin : Different HDMI cables do not affect the quality of the picture. FACT. Reviews stating that cables produce a 'more natural image' or 'better colours' are complete rubbish. See this video for the latest info on HDMI 1.4 as of July 2009.]

This thread will be heavily moderated and debate will be removed, let the tests speak for themselves.

I doubt there will be many links at first but over time hopefully more can be added.

If you are looking for the differences between HDMI versions check this link :

HDMI :: Resources :: Knowledge Base
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The thread is stuck right below this one, but no harm in pointing people there from this thread as well.


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QED have published an article on HDMI on their site. No mention of improved picture.

QED HDMI article

I wonder how long it will be before a certain magazine stops trying to tell us that you can better colours, detail by using one cable over another though.....


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Looks like HDMI.org are finally trying to tidy up the cabling/version/feature support nightmare - HDMI



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This should probably be updated with some links to HDMI 1.4

There are some quite important factors in this - such as support for combined HDMI/Ethernet cables that are not the same as existing HDMI cables, and a new micro connection.

Also support for passing 3D information that tells the display how to handle 3D images.

HDMI.org 1.4 FAQ

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This test from Digital Foundary is a bit old (Jan this year) but I only just saw it via a link from Geek Dad on Wired UK.


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New HDMI lead

I've ordered the Xbox but will need a good HDMI lead. I want something which will support 2k or 4k.

Anyone recommend a good lead.



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One problem I have had in the past is with EDID, usually because the I2C interface isn't implemented correctly, some semiconductor manufacturers use standard I/O lines which have trouble with lumped loads.
Sorry, a pet annoyance.

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