HDMI Cables - How Much Are You Prepared To Spend?


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Apr 3, 2002
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I am struggling to appreciate why different HDMI cables are supposed to give different picture quality. Demos of different HDMI cables in action have proved to be quite difficult in Southampton (and I don't currently have time to travel further afield) - so would appreciate opinions on this.

As I understand it, if the signal is kept within the digital domain, then the quality of the cable should be irrelevant? The only cause of a differing quality of picture I can see is if a cable is 'lossy' and thus less data is transmitted to the receiving device - but surely this isn't sufficient to warrant the vast price difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cables. Surely a HDMI cable is more akin to USB - and how many of us spend £££s on those?

The above debate aside can anyone recommend a cheap HDMI > HDMI cable (it's only for my bedroom TV)? I was looking at the QED Qunex Cable which seems to be priced very cheaply.
Its hard to answer your question about HDMi quality. Since its a very new format/conection, there hasnt been much use of it yet.

I have had some experience with DVi-D though, and even though its a digital cable, I have seen a big difference between cheap and expensive cables.

ie, the system cable that came with my plasma TV was a DVi-D cable that i thought would be fine, but upon playing some DVDs and such i noticed artefacts and poor colour and lack of sharpnes.

Since changing the system cable to a better one (about 50quid) i have noticed an imporvement in picture quality from the same TV and DVD player. artefacts are gone, sharpnes is higher and colour is also higher.

Length is also an issue. The shorter the better. Under 2 or 3m is best. (I use a 1m monster cable now)

Since HDMI and DVI-D are interconective, I can only assume that HDMI will be affected in the same way as DVI.

Its still early on in the life cycle of HDMI and there aren that many products that use it. So time will tell.
Just do a test and you should see a difference.

No need to go overboard on cables either. Just get a decent well made cable. That will always be better than any free bundle cable that comes with a product.
Thanks for the replies guys - I was just looking for a cable to pair with my PW7 and 3910. Think I'll hold off for now as I am more than happy with component and as it's only my secondary setup it's not a big concern.

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