HDMI cables and the AV setup


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Hi there,

I've been looking to upgrade my AV setup, and just bought the Harman Kardon AVR360, and two new Chord HDMI Active Silver Plus cables.
So now, I was looking for some advices on the best way the connect it all (to connect each cable in order to get the best possible result). So my connestions and cables are:

A. PS3 60Gb to HK AVR 360
C. eGreat Media Tank to HK AVR 360
D. HD TV PVR to HK AVR 360
E. HK AVR 360 to Philips 37" 1080p TV

1. Chord Active Silver Plus
2. Chord Active Silver Plus
3. Profigold (don't know which model - cost around 30£ in local store)
3. Ixos (don't know which model - cost around 30£ in local store)

Considering the best cables and obviously the Chord, what would be the best way to plug them in order to get the best result, to which gadget? :confused::confused:

Many thanks for your attention on a newbie!



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