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I have recently purchased a Sony 49XF900 and Sony HT-ZF9 sound bar, connected via HDMI (ARC).
I find that the sound drops of when watching Sky Q, i.e. the subwoofer will stop for a few seconds or the soundbar will drop of then come back on.
Is this to do with my standard cheap 10 year old cables?
DO I need to buy new super high speed ones? if so which ones?


Otto Pylot

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The general rule of thumb is this:

For 4k HDR runs under 25', a Premium High Speed HDMI cable should work. The one with the QR label.
For 4k HDR runs over 25', a hybrid fiber cable (Ruipro4k) should work (albeit a bit expensive).

ARC over about 30' can be problematic with any type of cable so all you can do is try. If you have to use CEC for ARC to work that may also be an issue due to CEC incompatibility. You can try and disable ARC/CEC on all of your HDMI connected devices to see if the problem goes away. If it does, then that's your cause. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about the incompatibility.

My guess is that it's your cables if in fact they are 10 years old.

Joe Fernand

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HDMI cables - as Otto says at 10m you need to be considering a Fibre or Hybrid Fibre solution, RuiPro4K Hybrid Fibre being the option we supply/recommend.

10m HDMI cable - between a TV and a Soundbar seems an odd setup as usually you sit the Soundbar directly below the TV!

ARC - it would be worth trying a short 2m High Speed or Premium High Speed to prove ARC is reliable on a short cable run before you go ahead with replacing the long cable.



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Forgive me if I’ve missed something, but I can’t see where the OP has stated the length of his cable.

He has however stated that they are probably 10 years old. :)

Joe Fernand

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Trying to speed read - bad idea :)

Ignore the stuff about long cables and go with whatever High Speed or Premium High Speed cables you can lay your hands on - though as per previous post ARC is not always reliable so you may still have issues once you replace the cable.



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Has anyone seen something like the attached picture. Happens with two of the three HDMI ports I have on an old Samsung TV. I'm assuming they may need a clean as are rarely used so unlikely to be damaged. Anyone have any ideas? thanks


Joe Fernand

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Clean - unlikely.

Looks like a problem with the video board - you may find the two affected inputs share common circuitry.


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