HDMI Cable works perfectly with 99% of things, why ?


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I received a new HDMI cable today,

This one to be exact.

15m HDMI Cable with Ethernet - HDbasics

I had already done loads of reading and decided that I was willing to try a cheapish cable as I don't have loads of electrical leads or anything that will cause allot of interference so I went ahead and ordered this cable.

Now this is where I have a bit of confusion.

This cable works perfectly with zero issues when connecting my PC to the tv (via HD5770 1GB) at 1920x1080 while also passing audio over HDMI too, as does the cable work perfectly at 1080p with my xbox 360 and it works perfectly at 1080i with my Sky+ HD again all these are working fine with audio as well as video.

Now when I try it with my ps3 there are white speckles and pretty nasty visual glitches however if I set it to anything less than 1080p it appears to be working fine, so my question is this.

Why can this cable handle 1080p perfectly fine on a PC and an Xbox 360 and have huge problems with the ps3 ?

Is there a setting on the ps3 I need to change or something ?

Does the PS3 have less than perfect HDMI hardware or something ?

This is rather strange and any explanations or tips would be great.

The "buy a better cable" thing would hold water for me if the cable was not working perfectly with everything but the PS3 so I have to lean towards it being the PS3`s fault.



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Their description doesn't make it clear that the 15 metre version is Standard Speed not High Speed so it's possible you might have issues at 1080p, particularly at higher frame rates.
Sky HD is 1080i, I don't know about the Xbox.

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Hello Conky,
Our Ivuna are also HDMI Cable with Ethernet
Is the cable as thick as this?




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I am sorry but that image does not seam too appear correctly ?

with the ps3 its like a continues problem, I will take some pictures in the morning and post them so you can see the issue, fairly sure my camera will pick it up.

with the xbox I played red dead redemption and with the PC I tried Dirt 2 @ 1080p with most settings maxed and it was perfect and when I checked the frame-rate on the pc options it was around 30 fps and as I say it was good.

this is the puzzle for me, it really does work fine with my pc and xbox, the xbox games are mainly upscalled I realise so I thought that it may be fine on xbox due to that however my PC is outputting 1080p without a doubt and the game I tried was definitely running at 1080p and I was getting acceptable framerates.

Everything performs great at 1080p it seams and its just the ps3 that has issues hence my lack of understanding this problem, the ps3 has serious problems when just on the main dash and its not like there is allot of data to transfer on the ps3 dash.

If I had bought this cable and only tested with ps3 I would have been sending it back by now but because it works with everything except the ps3 I am not sure at all if its the cable to blame.

I would really like to know the problem, if the ps3 requires higher grade cable then I just want to know why ?

head scratcher for sure lol

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Hello Conky
In this case i think the PS3 wants full bandwidth. We never had that problem before. Contact HDCable and see what they have to say about it.


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At 15m your dealing with a Standard Speed cable.

At 15m lots of HDMI cables will work some of the time with some sources/display gear combinations but not all of the time.

There is nothing 'faulty' with your PS3 - you wont find anyone at Sony or HDMI.org advising or guaranteeing things will work at 15m; especially with 1080p60 signals.

The DDC line that carries all the Comms. on an HDMI signal bus is output at 5v and cant drop below 4.7v otherwise the Sync (Display) will not be able to recover the signal.

Even if (IF) all of your Sources are spot on at 5v it doesn't take much attenuation in a 15m cable to stop the Sync recovering a 1080p60 signal.

You may want to try a powered signal extender on the Sync (Display) end of the cable run or replace the cable with something that's known to work with pretty much any Source/Sync combination - HDMI Cable - Silver Serpent



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this is what's happening on screen, flickering with this type of error.

I have emailed the supplier and hpe to get a responce soon.

So this is a lie ? 4K Resolution Support (4096p)

I am not getting close to the cables maximum reported resolution so if this is just the way this cable is and its not my playstations fault then I wont be happy about that at all.

Would be like me selling a car that can do 200mph but it actually only does 100 because at 200 the wheels fall off lol

I just don't get the reason why my PC and 360 work perfectly fine with this cable, done about 2 hours on a game last night then watched about 40 minutes of king king bluray via my pc.

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HDMI is a fragile signal - see what the guys who invented/own/control HDMI say about it;

HDMI :: Resources :: Knowledge Base

HDMI :: Consumers :: How to Connect

A passive cable assembly is two connectors and a length of cable stock - every cable will attenuate the signal; the degree of attenuation will vary between different designs and lengths of cable stock.

So far HDMI.org haven't granted a High Speed certificate to any passive HDMI cable over 8m - at 15m (49.2') your pushing the envelope and have to ensure you go with a very high quality low attenuation cable assembly or employ active electronics



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You have a number of issues that could be going on here.

Chief among these , as other posters have said , is attenuation. At that length all cables will have some attenuation.
What this means is that the voltage levels that represent the logic levels for the data will start to approach the mask area. See here ....


The blue area in the middle of the diagram is the mask area. When the signal starts to touch that area then you get the effects that you are seeing , when it attenuates so much that it is permanently touching the mask area , then you will most likely get no picture at all.

Increase the data throughput , say from 1080i to 1080p , and the attenuation effect becomes worse.

A cable on its own , at that length , can cause this issue , but add to that the fact that some equipment does not output voltage levels as strong as some others , and the problem becomes magnified.

(Voltage levels are represented by the orange lines in the diagram linked ).

Note that all cables of that length run the risk of giving the same issue , even if you find one that works , chances are that it will be only just outside the mask area.

A far better solution is to get a signal booster , i.e. put some active electronics into the line. This would make sure that the signal is well away from the mask area and would be much more robust.

For long HDMI runs , ( long being 10m and upwards ) There are a number of options ,

The least reliable would be the heavier gauge cable , I say this because the weight of these can cause it to fall out of the HDMI socket or even damage it , this is especially true of the PS3 if you place the console in a vertical position.

Then there are active cables , these have active inline electronics to boost the signal levels , and can work well for some equipment , but some of these steal power from the HDMI interface of the equipment they are used on , and depending on the equipment , this can cause its own problems.

Next up is a standalone booster , these should be powered , and are inserted between the cable and the receiving equipment , these usually work very well.

And last up , you have the option of HDMI Baluns and cat 5/6 cable runs. A quality set of these , in my experience anyway , is usually the best solution for a long run.
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Hi Conky,

Apologies for the late reply, I have been attending a trade show in London this week.

Apologies also that you are having some problems with one of our cables. We'll immediately dispatch a tested replacement to ensure that this does not happen to you again.

I'm certain that the replacement will solve the issue.

Jamie s


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Many thanks, and to be honest I don't think it is a late reply really, the service has been AAA standard and I wont hesitate in using you guys again.

I have been scratching my head about this and I am pleased that your certain a replacement will solve this issue, thanks for the reply.


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new cable works perfectly, superb service from these guys, if anyone has any doubts then dont, top quality service and products, cant thank you enough for your help Jamie !

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