Answered HDMI cable that supports HDR10, HDR10+, & Dolby Vision


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Are there any HDMI cables that supports HDR10, HDR10+, & Dolby Vision?

I've searched but cannot find any. The closest I got was a Belkin cable but that one did not support HDR10+.

Thank you!


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HDMI cables do not support specific services. There are 4 main types - Standard, High Speed, Premium High Speed and Ultra High Speed. These are defined by and should be tested to a set of specifications published by the HDMI group.

Be careful when you buy cables, as often they are marketed very badly to confuse you and many are not tested or approved. Check for the hologram label on the cable and that you are getting a Premium High Speed cable and not a Premium Range High Speed cable - which might only be tested to High Speed, not Premium High Speed!!

Buy a known brand from a known source and you should be all good!
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