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Morning All.

I've posted this thread previously in the wrong(ish) forum, as I'm checking on a TV as well, so rather than repeat and monitor 2 threads, I hope you dont mind, but I've pasted the link to it here.


I'm looking at a 15m HDMi Cable and a Splitter box, and hoping you chaps can enlighten me on prices:lease:, and on the quality of what I've seen so far.

Many thanks :)



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I can't vouch for the quality of either of those items but I do know the HDMI splitter you linked to is remarkably similar to one that is sold on ebay etc. It's an unbranded model. It might work but I know a few folks have had problems with the unit that is more or less identical to that one. If it was me and especially at that price, I would go for a brand name as I haven't heard of anyone having any problems with the likes of Gefen, Octava, zektor etc. Unfortunately they cost a bit more too.

15m is a long length to expect a HDMI signal to travel too. Again, I would be more inclined to go with a brand name cable that 'guarantees' it should work at up to 1080p etc. (1.3 cat 2 speed rated) so have a look at bluejeanscables.co.uk. If you do a search in this forum you'll find similar threads where I'm sure repeaters etc. are mentioned for transmitting HDMI at those sorts of distances.

I suppose you could simply take a punt and go for it, although who know whether either would fail some weeks/months down the line and you have to dig the cable out of the wall!!!! I would rather do it once for peace of mind. That's not to say expensive stuff would be any better but going by other folks' exeriences on here, I would go with brand names myself at those distances.


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Thanks Dave.

I'm not sure on the "right" answer in all honesty. This is the first time I've done it, and very conscious it's really pushing the prices up.

As for the cable, initially, it would just be fed round the wall into the kitchen via the door (Rather than through walls) to make sure all works for a couple of weeks.

I've been looking at the SCART route as well, due to the costs. Splitters and cabling seems a lot cheaper (for obvious reasons) but the holes in the walls would have to be a hell'va lot bigger to push the cable through.

Is there a wireless format / way of sending the picture to the TV in the kitchen. The actual direct distance is about 15 ft through a cheap plasterboard wall.



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Wireless video senders only send composite video, which on a 19" screen wouldn't worry me too much. TBH, you won't see the real benefit of HD on such a small screen. There are options such as cat5 and if HDCP isn't involved, you could transmit component (yPbPr) video, again over cat5. I was asked to look into distributing HDMI to a couple of TVs as the HD boxes would be 200m away from the multi-switch/antenna. When we discussed the cabling and equipment involved, people lost interest, when the costs involved were discussed, it was buried, forever! However, these options aren't particularly cheap. I'm not familiar with the v+ box, so I don't know if it has a RF2 setup like Sky. I suppose it all depends on whether you really want HD on the 2nd set. As I said 15m might well work and it might not!

There are a couple of articles HERE

Joe Fernand

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Hello Sy4

The low cost HDMI gear works for some but not others - its all down to how the components in the system handshake with each other.

Wireless HDMI is not an option at present - it will be soon; though initially it'll be 'line of sight' so walls are going to be an issue.

Another option is HDMI over CAT5 - you will require 2 x CAT5 cables + 1 x Coaxial (for 'remote' IR control of the Source) plus the relevant HDMI to CAT5 adapters.

Neither option is particularly low cost.

Octava have a 1x2 HDMI DA and 15m cables that aren't 'bargain basement' or 'high end exotic' but do tend to work in most situations - see http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI distribution amp_splitter 2 port.html and http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI cable.htm



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Thanks again Joe / Dave.

In all honesty, I'm happy with a standard picture. The problem is, that the V+ box will either send the signal over scart, or via HD, depending on which you pick. It won't send both (Obviously).

So, as the V+ box is HDmi'd to the Main master TV, I have to send the signel via HD to the Kitchen TV.

As for picture quality, as long as it's clean it's not a problem. It doesnt have to be HD at 1080p or anything, just a decent picture (It's so the wife can follow cooking shows and such in the kitchen and cook at the same time :))

As for the Cat5 route, you lost me after "Cat5" ;) lol - I have little / no knowledge of cabling, certainly not at the level of some of the guys in these forums.

Hope this clears it up a little?



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If the v+ box doesn't allow you to output via SCART and HDMI concurrently, I guess HDMI it is then! As I said, 15m is pushing the envelope a bit but should be achieveable with the right equipment/cabling. I'm pretty sure that plenty of people have achieved it without extenders or expensive cabling but I'm afraid HDMI is a bit of a lottery getting it to work. That's why I would suggest going with proven kit to save you hassles further down the line. Once it's installed, I'm sure the extra cost will be forgotten :D espcecially if your mrs gets to watch her cookery programmes!

If you check the link above in my first post, there are a couple of articles on TV distribution including HD via Cat5 networking. As Joe says, it involves a sender and receiver box and some additional cables to achieve. Have a read of the articles, there are even pictures!

I spotted this over at tvcables.co.uk. It comes with a 2 year warranty but I don't know how good it is. For all I know, it might have the same innards as the box you linked to, which is more than a possibility as a lot of these things are manufacturered in the far east for various companies then the brand name is simply stuck on. At least I've heard of Lindy before.

If you do a search on 15m HDMI cables, I'm sure you will find solutions that others have found to work. I'm afraid that's no guarantee it will work in your situation, that's just HDMI for you! That's why I would go for a better quality brand name cable to start with. Bluejeanscables have tested their cables over long distances so should be fine in your setup and don't cost the earth. You do need to add import duty to the price. I recently got some analogue cables from them and they're excellent quality.


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Just wanted to update all on the temporary solution I've come up with.

The initial solution, until I can afford the Cat5 / HDMi solution is via this product:


This cost £59.99

I was somewhat dubious and thought I would give it ago. However, I am actually presently suprised. There's the ocasional line that ops up every 30/40 minutes - I put this down to the wireless delivery - however, on the whole not to bad.

Bare in mind, this was a cheap fix for the wifes TV in the kitchen. She doesn't need superb, quality right this moment in time, seeing as we installed it all so she can follow cooking shows ;) lol

The next step is either we run the Aeriel through from the Out point on the TV - which I will prob. do, and then take the Wirless back in 10 days ;)

Sooo, expect 2 more posts in the very near future. 1 for CAT5 and how it's done, and another for the Audio side ;)

Cheers Joe and Dave for your help Lads, muchly appreciated.


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