Hdmi cable repair?


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Decorated the living room from scratch, therefore routed our cables in the wall. Yesterday had engineers out to have look at telly which is on wall! When they put it back they have broken the end connector of the hdmi cable. There is no way to get it out without chipping the wall & start again which isn't an option I want to go down!! Is there anyway of repairing this cable??
The company on behalf of Samsung say they will repair if they can but won't take liability if it needs to come out of wall!


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Ooh, eck. That's going to be a brain-ache. Anyone could try and it might work (only very competent solderists will succeed though) and the longer the cable the less likely that success will happen anyway.

Is the cable not in a conduit as a new one could be attached and pulled through (assuming the plug fits) ? Might end up being neater to forget it and run a new one in next to it in conduit. I don't think an HDMI exists as an installers favourite with detachable plugs. Alt would be to do something with CAT5.



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No not in a conduit as there's was a problem getting it to fit.. Something to do with gas pipes etc!!! They are in wall but only with cover on them!! Brain ache is an understatement!! If only they would have taken care in replacing leads properly getting telky off bracketbinstead of trying to prize it off the bracket & trying to squeeze their hands in!!! Really really disappointed.. But more so really really need to fix this connector!
It's the 'bristles' on end of cable that's come out of casing & they are slightly bent!! If only I could upload pic so u our see?

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