HDMI cable problems




i have recently bought a new hdmi cable, pretty bassic £9.99 number, before i had a bit of a fancier one but cost pretty much the same, the problem is, im getting a great picture (ps3 btw) but then after like 5 mins, the sound goes, into a deep buzzing noise, like the speakers gone, i usually have to reset the ps3s resolution so i can play the game with sound, i bought this new cable and yes, same again, sound is gubbed, i dont know if its interferance, but, i am using belkin_g_plus as my wireless source, and im using a goodmans tv!

any help, or tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Joe Fernand

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Where does your wireless router and its PSU live in relation to the cable and any switch gear its connected to?

Have you tried the problematic cable with another Source device?

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