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I have received several e-mails at work from companies trying to sell me 'high quality' HDMI cables. Prices vary, but some are charging as much as £199 for a 1 metre length.
I have used the Pioneer HDMI cable which cost nowhere near this. (I am told they can be bought for as little as £20)
Has anybody had the opportunity to compare different HDMI cables, or have any opinions on the value of expensive digital cables?

I'm not convinced but am prepared to listen.


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I too am interested in this.

And if indeed it does make a difference, why is it that in this day of £300 graphics cards we do not see similar "super-quality VGA cables"? I would have thought it was even more necessary than for an HDMI cable, being analogue and all.

Joe Fernand

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Hello both

Not tried the WiredWorld HDMI cables as yet; though we will.

The low cost Molex cables work well over short distances - we use and supply them up to 5m.

Our experience with DVI cables has been that the better quality higher bandwidth cables do make a difference once you start to go over 5m - and can make a small difference on shorter runs.

I rather think the same will hold true for the WiredWorld HDMI cables - the blurb seems to indicate that they too have been designed for long cable runs (up to 20m)

For anything over 9m we have found it better to use an 'active' solution - and use Gefen HDTV DVI switches, hubs and splitters in conjunction with BetterCables DVI to DVI and DVI to HDMI cables to ensure we get a decent signal at the receiving end.

Best regards


PS Senninha - I'd wager that one of our BetterCables Silver Serpent VGA cables will make a difference!

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