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hdmi cable needed for 3D blu ray player


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Hi I have recently got a 3d blu ray player from currys and the $alesman started telling me I needed a special 3d hdmi cable priced at £40. I declined but I need a hdmi cable for it, they did sell what said an xbox high speed hdmi but I was unsure if this would be suitable as it never said 3d compatible on it. Can anyone give me a item number for a hdmi cable in Argos that will be suitable to connect it to mytv at hone please. Do I need to spend 40 quid on one. The sales member was very pushy and forward that he made me feel uncomfortable so I am here for guidance.

Thank you keith


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Do not spend £40 on a HDMI cable! The sales guy is obviously on commission and that's why he's so desperate for a sale. You can get perfectly good cables for £3-£4 on Amazon. The latest standard is, I think, HDMI 1.4 which will handle 3D.

I think even the ones at Argos are over-priced.


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Some of the budget high street stores have cheap HDMI cables - Poundland sometimes have them I believe - and if they're 1.3 or 1.4 versions, you should be fine.

You really don't have to spend a fortune on HDMI leads.


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£40 for some wire? Someone's having a laugh. Cables don't have HDMI versions attached so ignore that HDMI 1.2 vs 1.3 vs 1.4 nonsense - they're all identical. Just get an HDMI cable that's rated for high speed (which most are these days) and of suitable length. HDMI cables that support ethernet will cost you slightly more and are unnecessary.

Shouldn't cost you more than £5-£10, depending on length.


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You can try a Poundland one and see if they work but from my experience, they can have problems (hardware depending). I have had cheap cables that won't do 720p or 1080p and just 480p. I tend to buy £5-£7 ones.

For just £1 they are worth a gamble. They tend to 1.5m in length.

Greg Hook

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Thread moved to correct forum. :)


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As long as the cable is labelled "Standard Speed" or "High Speed" then it is fine.
Ignore the rest. Even Tesco stock ones like this at reasonable prices.

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