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I read this in QED site:

All HDMI leads of over 7m in length do not comply with the current version 1.o specifications.

What does it mean?
Is there some problem with picture when cable is more than a 7m?

Yesterday I wacht a friend's SONY HS50 PJ ot 2,5 screen via 10m VanderHul cable and there was some strange pixelation/solarization.
It is not on the disc, because with component or cheap HDMI 1m connection it is gone.

I want to switch to HDMI connection to my PJ, it has to be 10m.

Help, please.


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There are plenty of people using longer cables than 7m. You do need to be careful with cable choice though - my 8m Supra cable did not work (which may have been a fault with that particular cable - it is being tested for a fault with Supra at the moment) - but I know someone who has the same set up as me using a 15m Chord with no problems.

Bettercables seem to come highly recommended as well.

Joe Fernand

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Hello EN

The QED over rider on the 7m+ cables talks about not being able to carry audio along with video at those lengths - though like your experience I have heard of other folk with image problems with these cables.

The BetterCables HDMI cables are now available up to 31m (though be aware they may not work in all set ups at that length) - I have had no difficulties with them up to 15m and so far no problems with the 23m and 31m cables.

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