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Hi, i have a bit of a trouble with my HDMI cable /handshakes.
is there any way i could check at my TV what kind of signal it gets? i mean specs like on AVR (ie. 4k, 4:4:4, Dolby Vision, 60hz). i have Sony XF90 with android TV. Is there an android tv app which can do this maybe? i'm aware about TV and source specs, however when at some point, that is when signal specs are changed, i get flickering or blank screen. i'm sure that HDMI cable is the problem cause when changed problem disappears. Case is that permanent exchenge of the cable me be tricky for me.

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it is 5 meters long. and was supposed to be premium high speed but also it is dated old, like from the beginning of 4k "era" (2013 was it?) it was doing just fine with 4K sat tv, bluray, MKVs all that time but now when i want to send a bit higher specs signal i face issues. it may be bandwith related i think. previosusly i never tried to send HDR. So it may be HDR combined with 4:4:4 chroma or 60hz 4k . strange is that it sometimes works for a short time, then it flickers/drops out. Dolby Vision (netflix) kills it instantly. I wanted to check which exactly spec causes the problem, as i may be willing to sacrifice a bit just to not have to risk digging in wall / floor since corrugated conduit it is in, is tight like hell.

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Most TV’s have an Info button which will give you some idea of the incoming signal format.



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Found this thread while searching for an issue with my XF90 in that it will not do Dolby Vision @ 4K/60. 4K/30 works fine. HDR10 4K/60 works fine too. Trying to find if this is official or do I have a duff set.

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@Mangi At 5m, and if your HDMI cable really is that old, I'd look into getting a Premium High Speed HDMI cable with the QR label because they are certified for the HDMI 2.0 version sets. That's the first place I'd start with a cable that old. Mu guess is that the cable is a High Speed HDMI cable. As far as the cable goes, just look for Premium High Speed HDMI cable with the QR label of authenticity on the packaging. They are not vendor specific so there are lots of cables to choose from and are competitive in cost.

How is your cable installed?

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