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Hi Guys,

Today I just swapped out my hdmi cable it was a 1.8m Gioteck X-C4 flat 2mm cable silver for one I had lying around which is a nice one a shorter one at 0.50cm an Ibra 2.0b corded cable has gold plated ends.

I have a Benq RL255 monitor 60hz 1080p.

I was playing Apex Legends on the base Xbox One and instantly noticed a difference in game so swapped back to see if it was just me and it wasn't.

Since changing to the Ibra cable I noticed the game responds quicker with my actions when running forward and moving gun around it's instant and instantly noticeable even shooting I am more accurate and precise.

I put the Gioteck cable back and when I loaded into the game when running it felt like I was stuck in tar or mud like I was running into the wind there was resistance there slowing me down with the Ibra cable it was constant speed turning running no resistance, snappy movements, the guns seemed more on point to.

Can anyone confirm I am not going mad as I have swapped back several times and its a clear difference for a techy person to pick up on.

It's there that laggy, what feels like slower fps stuck in mud feeling on the Gioteck HDMI.

It's opened the game up to me more now with the Ibra cable as it feels so responsive, precise and so much faster didn't expect at all as wasn't comparing originally just swapped the cables in general and then it made me go back to see if it was just me and it clearly isn't. Can't put my finger on it tho I can go back to the Gioteck now the shooter feels so slow in comparison.




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Deleted member 24354

Please tell me this is a troll post. Otherwise buddy, you have totally lost it.

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Come on guys, this is legit. He's gone from a Silver HDMI to Gold HDMI and everything is better.
What you need is a Platinum HDMI Cable, you enter a lobby and you get an instant win.


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Sorry, unable to confirm you’re not going mad. Hdmi is digital. It either works or it doesn’t. There is no improvement in picture quality between different cables.
Imagine the signal sent over the HDMI is a poem and it is typed on a keyboard by someone.

There are two different HDMI cables, one expensive and one cheaper. These cables are represented by the hat worn by the person typing this poem - an expensive leather hat, with quality stitching and its waterproof or a cheaper woolly hat. which hat makes the poem have more feeling at the other end?

NOTE - could use gloves instead of hat but there is actually a possibility that bad gloves could make you mis-type a word.


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I had lagging issues on my xbox which was making some games not playable. I don't want to jump on the gold silver band wagon as I don't believe it makes a different in audio or video but changing my hdmi cable to my xbox 100% made a difference to the lagging issue. Maybe one cable was of a higher standard I don't no but it did help...


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I know you may laugh but honest it helped. Could well of been a dodgy cable but the picture and audio worked just a lagging issue. But fixed by changing the cable....

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