HDMI box with 4k firestick


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I have bought this audio extractor box, link here:
Amazon product

I have connected a Humax box S1110 and a DVD player to the HDMI switch whereby the audio works fine with both.
I have just bought an Amazon 4K fire stick and plugged this into the same audio extractor box, on the spare HDMI connection, only when I use the fire stick I have no audio, yet the Humax and DVD player output sound fine. I have switched the Humax and DVD player to same HDMI as the 4k fire stick, and get sound fine, so I know it's not the connection.

Any one got ideas why this might be please? I have been into the sound output settings on the fire stick but this hasn't made any difference


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Which Audio Out from the Switch are you using and what are you connecting it to?

Hi Joe

I’m using the phono audio output on the audio extractor which go into an input on a NAD amp.
This is the same when using the Humax box and DVD player for which the audio works fine so can’t be the audio phono leads.
The HDMI output of the switch goes to a TW7400 projector which displays fine.

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