HDMI AutoSwitching not working??


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I think that's what its called but let me explain...

Setup is a Sky Q box into a Yamaha Soundbar. Soundbar out then goes to ARC on Panasonic TX-50DX700B - one other HDMI from TV goes to a blu ray player.

Recently when turning on the Sky Q box the TV has failed to show a picture - the TV comes on fine and it switches to the correct HDMI input but only 50% of the time the TV shows a picture. I can hear the sound so the sky box is on and emitting sound but there is no image. Turn the sky box off and back on then shows the image. IT is a brand bnew sky box as the old one failed - it occasionally happened with the old one as well.

Any thoughts?



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I had this for a while with my Sky Q box. It's probably to do with the HDMI handshake - you need to make sure the TV and soundbar are both fully on before you turn on the Q box.
I use a Harmony Hub and remote for all my AV kit - with it I can programme the order in which everything starts up and add a 3 second pause before the Sky Q box starts to allow time for my amp to switch on and pass the signal through to the TV.
Since doing this I've never had the black screen issue.

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