HDMI - Auto play dvds?



Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've bought a Sony KDL-32U2000 tv, and a Sony RDR-HX860 dvd recorder and I connect them together with a hdmi cable.

With my old setup (crt tv and vcr), I used a scart cable and it was great being able to just press play on the vcr and it automatically start playing whatever was in the machine.

Now, with my new setup using a hdmi cable, that doesn't happen. I have to tediously flick through the av channels until I get to hdmi so that I can view what I've recorded, and watch stuff etc.

Is this normal for hdmi?


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Yep, sorry but HDMI does not send an auto select signal to the TV telling it to switch. HDMI only send the audio & video signal.


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The HDMI does provide for control signals.
However, the standard for this is more recent, and not many sets incorporate it.
Panasonic is one of the few (only?) that do. I believe they were the ones who proposed the control signals for the standards.

So, Panasonic TVs and Displays will auto switch over HDMI

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