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some advice please folks?
will all hdmi cables work at 1080p at a length of 10 metres?
some of the more expensive brands seem to make a point of stating that their ones will.does this mean the others wont work?


will all hdmi cables work at 1080p at a length of 10
I'm not sure anyone would be able to answer this with any degree of confidence, too many factors come into play. Surrounding cables, source / display devices, switching etc etc.

The only trend I have noticed is that cheap cables ( ie ebay ones that say "Buy this 50M HDMI for 50p".) seem to work with fewer devices and get a lot more people on here complaining they don't work. For long lengths (ie 10M+) I've always bought more expensive cables and I've never had any problems. This is especially important as my cables are now buried in the walls and I don't want to pulling cables out because they don't work with a particular device.

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will all hdmi cables work at 1080p at a length of 10 metres?

Not all of them.

With a cheapy cable the only way you will know is to test it yourself with your own AV kit.

Some people have problems with cheapy long cables, especially near mains cables or if the cable has many bends around corners etc.

Cheapest manufacturers are cutting each others throats to produce cheaper and cheaper HDMI cables, and the quality is suffering with some of them for sure.

Post #3 by nwgarratt in this thread http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=597408 mentions some cables he tested that would not work at 720P. Must have been untested cables he bought.

Also a cable that works when laid across the floor when you test it, might not work when you install it under the floor or in the ceiling near power cables.

Some quality cables can easily be run 10 metres at 1080P with mains cables parallel to them, I know I have tried lots of them :)

(We test every cable at 1080P before despatch)


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I have just put in a 10m HDMI cable from CPC which cost about £13 and tested it with both Blu-Ray and Games at 1080p from my PS3 to my AE1000E projector and could not fault it. If it didn't work, it was going back but as it does, it stays :smashin:

Joe Fernand

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Hello tahirti3

Once you go past 5m the ability to transfer 720p, 1080i and 1080p over an HDMI signal path is affected by the Transmitter chip in the Source, the Receiver chip in the Display and the quality of the HDMI cable you install.

With the better quality HDMI cables (price is not always a guide to decent design and build quality) you'll find they tend to work in pretty much any system.

Lower quality HDMI cables are less likely to work where the Transmitter or Receiver chips are not great and where the environment the cable is installed in is not ideal (as Mark says Mains cables, Lighting transformers, Tight bends etc)

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