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This is a shameless copy and paste of a thread I started in the speaker cables forum and was advised to post here too :)

I'm a newbie here.. just got an interesting situation i need a hand with!

I'll start by attaching a diagram:


Ok, Above is the current layout of my living room.. the items in red are what I need to purchase but I do not have a clue on what sort/grade of cable is suitable for me.

Basically I am going to use the systems above to..

Watch movies/TV series via the PC connected to the TV on the right..
TV through SKY on the TV on the right..
Gaming via the 360 on the TV on the right
And watch blurays on the PS3 connected to the TV on the right..

However I also need them to be able to play the audio through the 5.1 system.. this system is a Logitech Z4500 and is a bit awkward.

Basically the system runs its optical connections through the control console which has to connect to a 15pin connection on the back of the sub.. I am aware that I need to place the sub to one side to get the best from it so i have positioned it to the left next to a power source.

So in order to connect my PC, 1 Xbox (1 runs through a a40 mixamp), 1 PS3 and 1 Sky box to the console I will have to split the audio sources to the TV on the right via a TOSlink splitter.. and then run a 7m TOSlink cable in trucking to the console on the other side of the room.

Next i will need to connect the PC to the right TV and run it as an extended desktop to allow media playback.. it is a Samsung 46D800and is much better than the left tv imo. This will require a 7M HDMI cable..

So.... I know what I need but what should I buy?

1x 3 input, 1 output TOSlink splitter
3x 1.5/2M TOSlink cables
1x 7M TOSlink cable
1x 7M HDMI cable

Its alot of work, but the sound system is THX rated and is pretty good.. and this seems like a much cheaper alternative to buying a whole new surround sound system..

What do you guys think? What should I go for?

Thanks for reading and sorry for the extended explanation of what I'm wanting to do..

Oh and btw... the TV on the left is mine for gaming on and the one on the right is for the misses or when we want to watch something together :D

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The Toslink Splitter ought to be a 3x1 Toslink Switch.

How are you switching the Xbox360 (right), SKY+ HD and PS3 to the right hand TV?


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