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I am looking for a 4x4 HDMI matrix, I thought I'd found the solution with HDCable's HKM44, but it looks like it won't work for my setup.

Setup is:

Living Room - Sony 40W4000 TV (non-3D) + Yamaha 3067 Amp
Bedroom - Samsung 32D6510 (3D)
Kitchen - planned...
2nd bedroom - planned...

Virgin Tivo
Virgin V+
Samsung Blu-Ray BD-D5500 (3D)
Panasonic DVD-HDD DMR-EX77 (HDMI out)

The sources are in a cupboard behind the living room TV, and there are 2 HDMI leads to the bedroom (10m HD Basics cables from HDCable (which they don't seem to stock anymore), which will run the Blu-Ray in 3D 1080p on the bedroom TV. Also 2 more of the same HDMI leads, one each to the kitchen and 2nd bedroom.

The main problem is that the Tivo and V+ share the same remote codes, and the HKM44 doesn't route the IR codes to just the connected source, but repeats them to all sources.

Also I don't think it can force the EDID so that a 3D source can be watched on the 3D TV unless any non-3D TVs are turned off, they can't even view other sources.

I know there is a potential sound issue if the living room (5.1) shares a source with another (2.0) display, but I'll have to live with that.

I can't find a 4x4 matrix which can route the IR and handle the 3D issue, any suggestions?

Many thanks,

Joe Fernand

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How long are the cables runs from the Matrix to the various rooms?


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