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Morning all,

I recently bought a Duronic HDS3 Mini 3 port HDMI switcher to use with my current setup, yet what I thought would be a simple question of swapping cables turned to be incorrect.

My current setup consists of the following;

Av system with 3 HDMI ports
HDMI Outpout goes to TV
HDMI Input 1 goes to Virgin Media
HDMI Input 2 goes to WDTV.

Currently this setup leaves me with no Blu-Ray player, so I want to reconnect my PS3 without having to constantly swap the HDMI cable from the WDTV to PS3. So, this is where I thought the HDMI switcher would help...

HDMI Switcher
HDMI Output goes to AV Input 1 (AV Output still goes to TV)
HDMI Input 1 goes to Virgin Media
HDMI Input 2 goes to WDTV
HDMI Input 3 goes to PS3

With this new configuration, I thought I'd be able to still run everything through the AV system via the HDMI Switcher so I can enjoy surround sound...

Ideally I want S.Sound on all 3 boxes (VM, PS3, WDTV) but if this is not possible I'd happily sacrifice the VM surround sound.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry I am trying to clarify this.Do you have an audiovisual amplifier linked by an HDMI lead to your TV set.
You then do not have sufficient HDMI inputs in your amplifier.
In order to try to create more inputs you then use a separate switching box which can switch more than one HDMI input into 1 output that then goes into the AV amplifier ?
Next question. does your TV have more than one HDMI imput?
If it does pick a source (not blue ray as with blue ray I think some sound formats are only transfered via HDMI ) take an HDMI to the other TV input and a seperate sound output (digital or analouge) to an input on the amp.

and if you don't have another HDMI in your TV set do you have component and does any of your sources output component as that would still give you HI DEF

NEXT as a point of interest . I put To HDMi into a switching to then become one. A humax and Sagem Freeview. however that handshaking works! The Humax must be swithed on. even if I want to watch the Sagem. And it is the case whichever input it is pluged in to. Hope some of this helps.


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Erm, basically I have a Home Cinema System (which I thought was an AV system?) which has 3 HDMI ports. 1 output and 2 inputs. The TV I have only has 1 hdmi input.

So I have the H.C.S connected to the TV via the hdmi output. The VM and WDTV are connected to my H.C.S via the two hdmi input ports. I then use the H.C.S to switch between Virgin Media and WDTV.

I want to add the PS3 to my setup but didn't have any HDMI ports left, so I thought I'd buy a 3 to 1 switch box, plug the VM, PS3 & WDTV into that, and then connect the switch box to the H.C.S input so all devices will have surround sound.

Sorry if this isn't making sense :eek:

Joe Fernand

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You don't say what is not working properly now that the 3x1 Switch is in the signal path!

Do you have Optical cables connected between your original Source devices (VM & WD) and the AV Amp?



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Sorry all, tried to reply again last night but forum wouldn't let me on.

Anyways, it's all sorted now. I think I was confusing my H.C.S by having the switch box with PS3 & WDTV connected through that, whilst still having virgin media directly into the H.C.S.

Anyways, works like it should now and I couldn't be happier. Next on the list to buy is a 3 to 1 SPDIF optical splitter so I can enjoy surround on all as for some reason the HDMI connections wont play sounds...oh well, nearly there!


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That's a similar setup to what I've got (2 different switches) and it works well, but if your like me and want the cables well hidden, then it turns into a pain constantly fumbling for the switch.

After great advice from Joe Fernand on another thread, I'm going for a slightly simpler setup, purely for the fact that most tv broadcasts ( on freeview ) don't output 5.1 do I can wait until I get new equipment.

- Hdmi switch into tv
- Xbox 360 & AIO Surround Sound into switch
- Digital stream HD PVR directly into tv

- 360 into optical connection on surround sound
- RCA L / R from TV output back to surround sound ( which will enable me to have tv and wii played 2.0/1 through surround sound

If you find that the optical switch gets too tedious, then as most tv shows are only in 2.0, and that fact that media through your WD Media Player may only be encoded in 2.0, then you can go for a similar setup to mine. So your PS3 would be into the optical on your HCS, and your VM and WD would feed back from the tv via RCA and play through your HCS in 2.0/1.

The above setup depends on your tv having an RCA Audio Out, and your HCS having an RCA Audio In.

Some of the more experienced guys on here will be able to correct me on anything.

Sorry for the long post, hope it's of some help.


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