HDMI 3 into 1 switch will not work


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I recently purchased a Nikkai 3 into 1 HDMI switch, and am trying to set it up for my friend who gets fed up with her son pinching the lead from her sky + box so that he can plug his playstation in. The third input will be for her laptop. Playstation works fine, but when I turn on the sky box I only get a picture if the playstation is left on. As soon as I turn the ps off, the tv picture disappears! The audio is sent to another device and I can still hear that ok. If I unplug the ps so that only the sky box is connected via the switching device, I still get no picture. I have tried different inputs but none of them seem to like the Sky box unless the ps is plugged in and switched on as well!

Very weird! Has anybody got any ideas?

Joe Fernand

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HDMI switch gear can be a bit hit and miss at times – especially so at the budget end of the market.

You may have a faulty switch or you may have a system incompatibility issue.

First thing to try is power everything Off at the wall – all Sources (Inc. SKY), the Switch and the TV.

Connect all devices as required and ensure the HDMI cables are seated in the Switch sockets properly then re-power and starting with one Source, the switch and the TV see how you get on then take the other sources out of standby one by one.

Whilst HDMI can be 'hot plugged' when kit is powered up it can also get stuck in a 'logic' pickle when you do Hot Plug.



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Thanks for that, Joe. It will be a few days before I can try the procedure. She will still want to hot-plug her laptop from time to time, but if the 2 fixed sources behave properly then that is not so important. I will let you know if it proves successful.
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