HDMI-2 Upgrade?


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Apr 6, 2001
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I'm sure most of you got this too, but for those who didn't: -

There is surely more to come. Home cinema is preparing for the introduction of the long awaited, and often delayed new digital standard HDMI-2 which is promised to become available at the end of 2004. Messages published during the CES Show in USA about its earlier availability have proven to be over-optimistic. HDMI-2 will offer the potential of better audio and video performance but will also make many products obsolete overnight: Therefore it might be wise to stay with one which has a proven record of true upgradability. Udo Zucker

Is this hinting at a possible HDMI upgrade for the DVD32/AV32?
No for DVD32, they will never do this on this player. It would be essentially a new player

Re AV32R and more likely AV192, POSSIBLY but Tag need to move away from the idea they don't need it towards the idea that their customers want it. That will come when Udo leaves (soon?). :)
Udo has been very busy on the forums over the last couple of days and has given some more insight into what he wrote in the newsletter. I won't paste any links as I guess most know the way there - it is interesting stuff however, whether you agree with hs opinions is up to you.
Like the music says Tag is "alive and kicking", the "old" Tag and the "old" forum are back.
There are some key personel at Tag like Udo, John and some others. I could not conceive Tag without them.
But have they ever said the WILL do a HDMI upgrade rather than a it 'might' be possible if?

The other thing that concerns me is the dismissing of 1EE1394, widely available on camcorders, PCs, on DTheatre, SACDs and just about ever new HD sat / cable box from the states, it is winning the DVI / HDMI vs IEE1394 battle over there big time and if that is the case then much more hardware would needed to be added (MPEG etc) to the Tag kit. I am just not clear what they want towith the AV32 but have a much better idea what the market wants.

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