HDMI 2.2 10 meter cable recommendations please


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Hi all,

I need a 10 meter long HDMI cable with eARC to go from my Denon 8500 to a TV.
I currently have a copper 10 meter HDMI cable going to the other end of the room for the projector which works just fine.

After reading up on the 2.1 standard I'm concerned a conventional cable won't do 10 meters. Is that right? Do I need fibre optic? Will fibre optic still allow a return arc or is it purely one way?

Any pointers and recommendations welcome.

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Joe Fernand

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Any HDMI cable over 5m can struggle with 4K UHD and once you add in HDR, Atmos etc you are pushing the bandwidth even higher.

Ultra High Speed certified cables top out at 5m so you have to go with something with is not certified when you are looking for a 10m cable - Hybrid Fibre has proven to be the most reliable option at 10m and longer.

Don't assume all Fibre or Hybrid Fiber cables will support eARC/ARC and even those that do can run into problems once you go past 15m.

We have been supplying the HDFury Hybrid Fibre cable for the last year with great results.



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