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Ok, I'm looking into buying the Samsung Q8fn soon. I currently have a Samsung ks8000 with a Samsung HT J5500 HTIB. It's my first HTIB and nothing special, but it gets the job done.

But, now I want dolby atmos with my new Q8fn if I get it this week. I've read until my eyes have bled. From what I understand is that dolby atmos cannot pass over ARC, but it can over eARC. So, that means I would hook up my HDMI from my Xbox one X to a reciever/soundbar then then to the TV from there. I want to be able to go straight to the TV like I do now. I've read some latency added going through a reciever/soundbar. I don't want ANY added at all.

I've read that some receivers have HDMI 2.1 in them and will just need a firmware upgrade. Haven't search sounbars yet. I'm leaning more towards a soundbar with a sub and 2 rear speakers that are wireless to have a easy set up. If I have to go with a reciever HTIB set up then so be it. I'm obviously going to get something with DD, DD+, Dolby Atmos, DTS X I wanna say it is for DVDs. I mostly watch Netflix series and Microsoft store movies in UHD. Sometimes I get a redbox movie.

My question is this:
If I buy a Samsung Q8fn and buy a HTIB system later that has 2.1 HDMI to use eARC, or maybe one that will update with firmware, is the TV going to accept the 2.1 with eARC and send it back to my reciever? Cause the TV is HDMI 2.0 and I can't seem to find it it will update with firmware like my Xbox one X will. I dont wanna be stuck with a TV that can't use eARC for Dolby Atmos.

I'm willing to spend up to 1000 on a HTIB reciever or soundbar set up for decent sound. And I would be willing to get a sound system now and use all the sound formats for now. Then wait for a firmware update on a sound unit to use Dolby Atmos. There's not alot of Dolby Atmos on Netflix yet anyhow.

Im thinking I might have to wait until the 2019 TVs that MIGHT? have HDMI 2.1 with eARC. And I really dont want to lol.

Now, I've thought of running Netflix on my TV instead of the Xbox then send the Dolby Atmos it supports to a reciever/soundbar if that works...but, it doesn't help with me streaming movies from Microsoft movies and redbox as far as using sound formats.

I consider myself a bit of a geek. I use to build my own gaming PCs and I love tech. But, the sound for TVs is new to me. I'm trying to learn :)


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Dolby Digital Atmos can be passed over ARC but it is a custom extension so TV, soundbar and set top box must all support that extension. Xbox does & LG TV's do from what I understand, unsure of others.

There are no HDMI 2.1 chipsets on the market.

That said some will bolt on the eARC feature to an existing HDMI 2.0 platform. This is what Denon have done, but those don't come cheap, the X3400H is the lowest end model. This is what Microsoft will do, I'm not sure if eARC is even enabled yet on Xbox.

You will need a TV that supports eARC otherwise it's useless. TV makers are not known for being generous were it comes to patching in features when they could sell you a new TV instead. You need pretty much a public statement or guarantee they are supporting eARC on a certain model otherwise it's a risk.

Have Samsung made any statement on their 2018 models ?
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Thanks for the info. So, it seems it up to whether or not samsung will put that feature in...oh boy. I have my mind set on that tv due to VRR , game motion plus,input lag and FALD. Guess I will have to think it out. Likely will just get the TV and hold out on a new sound system and see what happens. I dont have to have the dolby atmos right now. I don't wanna wait for those features till next year hoping that 2.1 will be on TVs. Worst case I will sell the TV next year if I need to and buy again lol. Or, just run the hdmi to a reciever or soundbar to get dolby atmos without arc. And hope the latency not affected to much. Man tech moves too fast haha.

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