HDMI 1.4 'White paper'

M. Mulder

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1,5 year ago I downloaded a sort of whitepaper for HDMI 1.4, where they explained exactly how the handshake (EDID) is working (including 3D).

I searched for a cpuople of months but I can't find this whitepaper anymore. It was a very goed explaining paper and uses a lot of block diagrams.

Does anybody know where I can download this paper (sort of paper), where they exactly explain how the handshake works for the HDMI 1.4 protocol?

I hope so :smashin:


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The complete HDMI 1.4 spec is available , but its not free , you have to pay for it. You must register with HDMI.org as an Adaptor and then buy it.

Previous Specs are available for free download. The White paper was just an introduction before release of HDMI 1.4, it was available only pre-release of the full spec and would not be totally in agreement with the full final release.

There are some sections available for free here , but not the whole thing.

HDMI :: Manufacturer :: Specification

There is an overview presentation here ,


M. Mulder

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This was the paper I was looking for. I think I downloaded the 1.4a white paper complete 1,5 years ago. Thanks a lot.

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