Hdmi 1.4 cable


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Anyone know a 1.4Hdmi cable from?

I need a decent price and would PREFER a shop where i could just pick this out rather than order online..... but dont want to be arsed raped on the price....

Anyone got any ideas or do i have to wait for online delivery.


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There's no such thing as an HDMI 1.4 cable. The cables are exactly the same as previously except if you also need the ethernet abilities of HDMI 1.4.


Also of interest:

18 NOV 2010

From today, cable manufacturers can no longer describe cables as HDMI 1.4, 1.3 or using any other version number or compliance test specification indication.

The changes, announced some time ago, come into effect today, and mean manufacturers must now remove all references to those numbers from their products and packaging, not to mention no longer using them in promotion.

From now on, there are just five descriptions allowed, and these are mandatory on both cables and packaging:

- Standard HDMI Cable
- Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet
- Standard Automotive HDMI Cable
- High Speed HDMI Cable
- High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

HDMI Licensing says that 'In order to enforce the cable market and ensure that only compliant HDMI cables are sold in the market, HDMI Licensing, LLC has been working with Custom and Border Protection agencies in the US, Europe and China.

'These agencies will evaluate imported and exported HDMI cable products based on their compliance with all aspects of the Adopter Agreement including these latest marketing requirements.'

You need a high speed category 2 cable and only with ethernet capabilities if you require such. Ethernet isn't widely used via HDMI yet and I know of no AV amp that utilises this HDMI 1.4 capability.

If you purchase in a high street store then you'll be charged over the odds. Buy online and you can get as capable cables for much less. You only need spend £5 to 15 on a one metre length HDMI cable.


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I am in the wrong Job :laugh:


If you could see what I did to the last cable I bought from you ( i think) you would make a :eek: face and ban me from your compo :laugh:. Hell, I might even get excluded from this part of the forum ;)

And even after my butchery I still couldn't get it round the 90° bend in the conduit :facepalm:

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