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Hdmi 1.1


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Do all players that feature the latest hdmi version 1.1 (1920 for example) output digital audio via the HDMI port? Does that include Dvd-A and SACD?


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In general, the succeeding versions of HDMI allow, rather than require, specific additional functionality.

V1.0 will carry DD and DTS digital audio standards.

V1.1 brings in high definition multi-channel PCM audio amongst other things. ie: it supports DVD-A (and SACD if it is converted from DSD to PCM by the player).

V1.2 adds DSD (direct stream digital) support, which carries native SACD data.

V1.3 will add Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, which are similar and much like DVD-A, but loss-less compressed.

However, although digital audio of some sort may go down an HDMI port, what complicates things is that featuring HDMI V1.1 does not NECESSARILY mean that it will also carry DVD-A.

That seems to be rather unfortunate, and it may undermine the value of the version numbering system. You will still have to check from the manufacturer's specs what functionality is supported with their particular implementation of HDMI. V1.1 in itself guarantees nothing.

So what's the point in having it?

Good question.


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Thanx for the comprehensive answer. Surprise surprise nothing is straight-forward in the technology world. Companies should make greater efforts to achieve a higher degree of standartisation and uniformity of all those stupid formats.

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