hddvd powerdvd hardware acceleration greyed out


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sorry for the amount of Q's today, however i am curious if my gpu is doing all the acceleration it can.

when playing a HDDVD

enable hardware acceleration - nvidia purvision is ticked but greyed out

thre following is the info in information. its all perfectly playable at the mo, just watched a film and was mostly flawless.

it dropped a few frames for a few seconds on 2 occasions, however cpu occupancy is at 70 - 100%, and am just trying to optimise.


Video Mode: Progressive
Display Mode: DirectShow
FourCC Code: NV12
Surface Type: Hardware Video Accelerator (DxVA)

Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding mode: Dolby Digital
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Number of Audio channels: 2.0
Bitrate: 192 Kbps

Hardware Information:
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3700+ running at 2749 MHz
3DNow! Technology: In Use
Enhanced 3DNow! Technology: In Use
3DNow! Professional Technology: In Use
IA MMX Technology: In Use
IA Streaming SIMD Extensions: In Use
IA SSE 2: In Use
Video Accelerator: DirectX VA (in use)
Multispeaker Audio Device: Speakers (Realtek AC'97 Audio) (not in use)
SPDIF Output Device: Speakers (Realtek AC'97 Audio) (not in use)


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sorry to reply to my own post but i was googling and a site said

"HDTV (720p/1080i) MPEG-4 with a PIII 1400Mhz CPU(possible even less), a task that would normaly require a P4 2,400Mhz CPU if the card does not support DxVA HWMC."

so howcome that even with DxVA enabled with my 7800GTX, i am getting close to 100% cpu occupancy with a 2.75ghz A64




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Theory and practice are two radically different bedfellows. Your problem lies with the fact that Nvidia didn't put the HD acceleration into their top end graphics cards. Consequently the system has to do it in software. The original Purevideo was on the GT and GTS chips not the GTX, just as is the same for Purevideo 2 (HD) with 8000 series. The theory being that with the greater overall horse power of the GTX will overcome the need for purevideo to be on the silcon. Its a practice that leaves people annoyed that a card half or even quarter the price is better at this than the top model. Games however, it will blow them out of the water, but small comfort in this regard.


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wow is that so??? that is incredable! <in a bad way>

ahh well, at least i know its an easy fix, ultimately i am not putting this card in my media pc anyway, i will sell it and buy a better suited card, or trade for a lower card and a few beers :)

thanks for the reply tho, it explains a few things.

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