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I want to record one 22 minute episode of The Simpsons to CD (VCD).

At the mo, it is on my HDD (Pan E100) in XP mode.

What's the best n quickest way (no thrills) to get it to CD as a VCD.

Got the burner that can read RAM disks and various software etc.

Many Thanks


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Why not burn onto a DVD-R? It will play in more DVD players and all computers and be better quality. And if you use a cheap disk it will only cost you 50p odd. And will save you lots of time trying to convert it!

Failing this you (or the person your lending the thing to) could almost certainly just download the episode from Kazaa already in the correct format! If you have broadband it wouldn't be much slower than trying to convert it!

However if you really, really want to convert it to VCD then there are a variety of processess you can use. Your first requirement would be to demux the VRO file on the RAM disk into .m2v and .ac3 streams in a programme like TMPG Encoder. You would then need to hunt down a programme that will re-encode MPEG2 into MPEG - I don't believe TMPG Encoder will do this with .m2v files and it's been too long since I did this to give specific advice on a particular programme so take a look at:
...where you'll get specific, useful, advice. Once you've got it into a format TMPG Encoder can recognise (.AVI etc) you can re-encode it to the VCD MPEG specification.

There are of course one package solutions out there but I assume you are looking for a free solution - otherwise I assume you would 'buy' the Simpsons DVD!


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Thanks Rasczak

btw, where have you been?

The 'Pioneers' have started to take over the asylum since you've been gone.

I jumped aboard the Pan wagon (E100) just after you left but now some Pan loyalists have jumped ship and converted over (mentioning no names ;) )

Help! :(

The Simpsons thing was just a one off. It was The Blair episode.
I wanted to put it to CD so a few colleagues could watch it work on their PC.
But like you say, the effort required doesn't seem worth it.

Thanks anyway.


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If you can get the *.mpg file via something like TMPGEnc you can drag and drop in Nero to create a VCD.

Create a new VCD then drop the file in the MPGAV folder (I think that's what it's called) then burn the disc. This should work. Or if it's just for a PC why don't you just copy the mpg file to a CD as a data file. Media Player should play the mpg file fine.



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btw, where have you been?
Work took me to Japan for three months. Didn't have internet access in my apartment there and due to been extremely busy (and having various language difficulties) meant I didn't venture to many internet cafes.

I jumped aboard the Pan wagon (E100) just after you left
You can be quite happy that at the moment the E100 is still the best out there. Although there is some stiff competition coming in the next 12 months or so. It's a non-brainer at the moment though.

The 'Pioneers' have started to take over the asylum since you've been gone.
Doesn't surprise me - they are well specified machines - bar the lack of RGB in.

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