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Hello There,

I am form Holland and I read the forum a lot before purchasing my new television half a year ago. Finally I decided to purchase a Loewe Vitros after reading lots of posts. Because I am really satisfied with this television and your post really did help me, I like you all to help me again with a decision.

I have a JVC homeciname and now I want to purchase a DVD / HDD recorder, because I have allready a DVD recorder in my PC, my mainly goal is the HDD reorder.

In holland the Pioneer 5100 is really favorite but now there are the JVC DR-MH30S, the new Pioneer's, the Panasonic, Samsung and the new Sony later this year.

What do you think what is a good brand and where shall I look for, I want a recorder for over 100 Gbyte. I thought about the DR-MH30s because this one has 160Gb and it's available already. I read the Pioneer has a bad tuner in it and has a noisy harddisk drive.

I haven't seen much reviews of the JVC so far. I hope you can help me again because I want to purchase a recorder before my holiday in July.

Please advice?

Thanks allready (again),



The Pioneer may well have a lousy tuner,but recordings from its Scart and s-video inputs are superb.The HDD is not noisy at all,but its only 80Gb.I'm not sure abou the other models,but Pioneer's disc backup feature allows a complete digital copy of any -R/-RW disc in just over 25 minutes.


Hello Phelings,

Thanks for your reply. If the tuner is not that good i'd rather wait to another model because I really think I will record cable television the most.

I hearded a rumour that Pioneer has announced two or three recorders later this year I hope they will have a good tuner.

So you think the Pioneer is better than the JVC?



I am not saying the tuner is bad,as I only use Scart/S-video input.Certainly the picture I receive via the tuner seems fine.If you are recording from cable,surely you are using a Scart lead and not using RF.Does the JVC have a HDD?


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Some analogue cable is delivered by rf only - like mine from ntl. It's not even that great a signal but only costs a couple of pounds a month.


That is correct, the cable only has analogue RF. Off course I use a cable amplifier but the quality isn't that good here in Holland.

These are the technical specifications:

• Playing: HDD, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD, SVCD, VCD, CD-R/RW, WMA/MP3/JPEG digitale foto's (CD-R/RW)
• Recording: HDD, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW (VR en Video), DVD-R
• Hard Disk Recorder with 160 GB :
• XP stand (10 Mbps) voor 34 hour
• SP stand (5 Mbps) voor 68 hour
• LP stand (2,5 Mbps) voor 136 hour
• EP stand (1,6 Mbps) voor 204 hour
• FR stand (10-1,2 Mbps) voor 34 - 272 uur (instelbaar in 63 stappen)
• NICAM/A2 stereo decoder

Pictures with high quality
• PAL Progressive compatibility
• Intelligent Dual-Pass Encode Dubbing (HDD-->DVD)
• Motion Active Progressive Scan (videosource)
• Digital Direct Progressive Scan (moviesource)
• Super MPEG Encode Pre-Processor: Time Base Corrector, Frame Synchroniser en Motion Active Noise Reduction
• Super MPEG Post-Processor: Block Noise Reduction, Colour DigiPure en Hadamard Noise Reduction system
• i.LINK aansluiting (DV ingang) (HDD)
Playing /recording
• 8 hour recording on DVD
• Live Memory (HDD) & Live Memory copy (HDD->DVD)
• Recording and Playing at the same time (HDD)
• RetroActive recording (HDD)
• Relief Recording (HDD)
• Splitting recordings (HDD)
• Linear PCM audio recording (only in XP stand)
• Dubbing on high speed, max. 32x (HDD-->DVD)
• Only Dubbing (HDD-->DVD)
• Playlist editting
• Easy copy
Ease of use
• Library Database DVD Navigation
• HDD/DVD Navigation with moving thumbnail (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW VR)
• Index Picture Navigation
• Help function and GUI (Graphical User Interface) with high resolution (10 languages)
• DVD-R menu with "thumnails" (18 indelingen)
• Finalisation clear (DVD-RW)
• Timerecording (ShowView Deluxe, Rec Link (HDD), On-Calendar Programming)
• 192 kHz/24-bits audio D/A converter
• Dolby Digital/DTS/MPEG Digital uitgang
• Virtual Surround
• 10-bits/54 MHz video D/A converter
• NTSC weergave op PAL TV (DVD)
• Automatic recording en playing in 16:9
• Instant Replay, Quick Skip, Time Skip, Live Slow
• Search with variable speed
• Natural Reverse Playing (-1x)
• 30-disc RESUME functie
• Time: 1 jaar, 16 programs
• T-V Link
• Auto PDC/VPS
• Plug & Play
• 99-channel Frequency Synthesised B/G, D/K Tuner met Hyperband
• Power Save Mode
• Permanent program memory
• 60 minutes power backup
• Remotecontrol voor different brands TV/DVD/satellite receiver
• Two SCART connectors, decoder/PDC/VPS
• AV input on front
• Video output: Component en S-Video
• Analogue audio output: voor L/R
• Digital audio output: optical en coaxial

Is this any good and what isn't that good? Are there any reviews known about this recorder?

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