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Hi everyone

If I buy a HDD recorder with an analogue tuner, does this mean when the analogue braodcasting signal is switched off that my HDD recorder will be useless for recording from my TV.

Also if I get a HDD recorder with RGB-in, I assume this will counter the problem if I connect my SKY box to the recorder as this will act as the tuner, but in turn does that mean that unless my TV is also digital I will not be able to switch channels whilst recording as the SKY box will be acting as the tuner?


AFAIK all the HDD recorders either have RGB inputs or like Sky+/Pace Twin have their own digital tuner(s). Therefore you will be able to keep useing them after the analogue transmitions are stopped, if they ever are that is.

As you say RGB-in will allow you to connect any STB to the recorder, but as you say the STB is the tuner and therefore you cannot change channels whilst recording. The exception to this is Sky+/Pace Twin as they have 2 tuners, but don't then have the RGB input.
Other HDD recorders are the excellent TiVo or dumb recorders such as the DVD/HDD boxes. AFAIK there are no other HDD only recorders that do not also have Freeview tuners, such as the Pace twin. If Freeview is what you want then they should be fine, but AFAIK they do not have any other inputs for recording.

My personal choice of HDD recorder is (as you can see from my signature its what I've got) is TiVo as it is the ONLY HDD recorder that will work with all transmition types. If you decide to cancell Sky then your Sky+ box is useless. TiVo will record Sky/Cable/Freeview. The DVD recorders can do this, but they are not PVR's just dumb recorders like a high quality VCR.

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