HDD only recorder - are there any?


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is it possible to buy HDD only PVR, not part of Satellite or cable tuner, or even DVD recorder? Are there any high quality models, recording S-video, RGB or component? Of course, there is need of file transfer, so it must have USB or even better, LAN access capability.

May be it is too strange, but my local DVB broadcaster is using some uncommon encryption and customers are limited to one cheap tuner, with no pissibility to upgrade to PVR. On the other hand, recorder together with DVD recorder is expensive and not futureproof. So if HDD only PVR is possible, it is best choice for me.

One more way it to buy DVB-S tuner based PVR, but I don't know if they are recording external A/V (not from satellite stream)



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Same question here: I'm also looking for a hd recorder without dvd, but with timeshift capabilities, preferably two tuners, hdmi output. Only find those features on some settopboxes that are primarily sold in de VS (often referred to as a PVR). Anyone?

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