HDCP not supported Error message.


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Hello all, can anyone help with a problem i have replacing a lead that has went down on my set up.Bought two good quality 1.4 version leads on line and all worked fine.One has went down and when i done a straight forward swap with an albeit different style [slim wire ] but equal quality i am now getting a "HDCP not supported please remove " error message from my sky hd box.When i put it into a separate Sony blu ray player that doesnt work either.Awaiting reply from on line point of sales department.

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‘two good quality 1.4 version leads’ – there are no 1.4 HDMI cables (good or bad) – if the cable is advertised as ‘1.4’ it simply means the web site owners 1. haven’t read the HDMI advertising guidelines, 2. are ignoring the guidelines or 3. don’t know much about HDMI cables!

Avoid ‘Hotplugging’ (plugging cables In/Out when kit is powered On or in Standby) as that can cause physical and logic problems.

Power Off (at the wall) the connected kit – connect up as required then re-power!

When you are having problems try and simplify the system down to just a Source + a cable + a Display – again power off at the wall when making changes; then repower and see how it goes.

Use a process of elimination to try and identify which item is causing your problems.

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