HDCP. How will this affect content through my iScan?


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I'm (still) in the process of working out how best to use a scaler in my set-up.

I understand now that all my devices will be plugged directly into the scaler (iScan HD+) but due to the limited inputs, I need to decide what would be the best devices to connect using HDMI cables? In the short term, I would be connecting a Sky HD box and a PS3 / Blu ray player.

The 'accepted' view is that HDMI should be used wherever possible. However, I have since read (on these forums) that although that is the case, it introduces another problem of HDCP (copy protection). My knowledge of HDCP is very limited but I would assume that any HDCP material would only be viewed when using a direct connection i.e. a Sky HD Box or HD DVD player directly connected to a HD ready plasma. So (and please correct me if I am wrong), it would follow that any HDCP content that is passed through a scaler simply will not work (unless you buy more bits of kit).

Now, I also have read that some prefer to connect their Sky HD boxes via component rather than HDMI which would obviously get around the HDCP problem. The quality diference is neglible or preferred in some cases.

So, onto my questions.
1. How much of a problem is HDCP and on what material is it likely to be on most - HD-DVD's or Blu ray DVD's or Sky HD broadcasts?
2. When using a scaler, should I avoid using HDMI connections at all or only from the source material?
3. With HDCP material, if it came into the scaler via component/RGB and was then outputted via HDMI, would this be possible?
4. I would probably need to connect one of the sources using HDMI - which of the two (Sky HD or PS3) would be affected by HDCP the least?

Apologies for the long winded question but I only want to connect the devices up once and all the cables are hidden in the wall so changes at a later date will be difficult (although not impossible).

Thanks again for any help


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