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can anyone recomend a good upscaling dvd player
that you can dissable the hdcp.
i have an infocus 4805 and was useing the samsung hd945
and it just stopped working so i got the dvd 1080p player and you cant hack the hdcp so i bought a second hand samsung hd850 because i read you
can hack the hdcp but it only made it muilty region i tried loads of hacks
no joy. so if anyone can recomend a player that would be great


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You should use component. HDCP can not be hacked as you would need to hack both devices performing the handshake. It would be illegal in most countries, too.


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Thanks. can you recomend a good upscaling player
that upscalis on component. :lease:
You won't need a player with upscaling capabilities. Your pj has a native resolution of 854 x 480. No matter what resolution you upscale to it will downscale to this native resolution. Double processing does anything but improving the result. Save our money and use on of you players with component outs.

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